I’m On My Own Now

Well, I have been doing a great course called Blogging 101 and now it is over and I feel like everyone has gone away. I must write as often as possible and hopefully someone will see it. I have read many great blog’s in the past few weeks and am very impressed with all of them. I sorta feel like I might bore some people and they will go on and blog to the great blogs in the sky.

I know I have value for many to read and I will try to get more than the eighteen people that I’ve met so far and they will tell their friends and they will tell their friends and so on.

I am a Very Positive Person! I believe I can motivate You to make your life like the one you sometimes dream about. All I ask is that you stop by from time to time and I will post some things that can make life better, not for everyone, but as good as it can get. I also have a Facebook Page by the same name,so check it out too!

Spring is here in tiny Delaware, by the beach and I am excited about it! So lets have some fun and share some stories and enjoy what we are here for. We can make each other smile and laugh and maybe change someones life!                                    Much Love, Jim


Happy Thursday People!!

I can almost smell spring in the air except for some freezing rain and snow showers coming tomorrow#$%. I know that soon I will be out in my yard starting my vegetable garden and getting into some flower arranging.

Having a couple bad vertebra’s in my neck stops me sometimes from doing all of things I want to do, so I have to adapt. My garden is above ground and some are in 5 gallon buckets so I don’t have to reach down to the ground.

Same thing with my flowers. I plant everything in pots that I make and place them around the yard for color. I love color! This is not my usual thing to write on my blog, but you can adapt to almost anything which allows you to do everything you want to do. About 6 years ago I found out about my neck and found that I also have Osteoarthritis going on too. It has also limited me with what I can do. But a couple years ago I decided that I will not let this keep me down. When I’m in the yard I work hard and cut the grass each week and do as much as possible. Now sometimes I will pay for that with a couple lighter days , but the reward is getting it done. It is worth all of the pain. I have always been a very optimistic person and I have ramped it up with everything in my life.

I have lost 100 pounds in the last 2 years without any exercise. I decided one day that I was fed up with my weight and started just eating less at each meal. I still eat what I want, but less of it. My success comes from not willpower, but from deciding to use positive thoughts and affirmations to change my life. Three years ago I did not care so much about flowers, but I decided to change that too. I also decided to help others with their goals and that has made my life even more exciting. You can do anything you want, if you just decide to do it, and believe you can do it! You make the choices, You can make the change! So get ready for spring and do the things that you sometimes dream you can do. Do It!!

Have a Wonderful Day!

Me and You

Happy Monday Bloggers! It is the start of a new week and it is also a good time to put thought to your goals for the week. Actually it would be Sunday when you should make a list of things you want to accomplish in the week to come, but why not now! I think when you set up goals for you to do each day that sometimes things will come up in your day and you will not be able to get to everything. Things always seem to come up, you know! I like to set weekly goals because  you have 5-6 days to make things happen. Goal setting can be frustrating  when you don’t succeed. It is a mental failure that you don’t need. This does not mean you can take a day off because you have the week to do it, but that if you set realistic goals with a solid plan of action you have a little breather time in between. Doing this will help you with those small successes that are important to you mind, and you need those to stay on track. So this is what you do. Get yourself a notebook or journal and start writing your goals down for the week. Then on the first page write down the things that important and need to be done. Then put these in your book and put days down for your priorities and make the most challenging goal for the first day. Then write down what needs to be done the next day and the next. This can be to get to the gym or to eat healthy foods or go for those runs. Whatever it is you need to do, get it done this week. At the end of the week write down what you got accomplished and get ready for the next week. And try to take off at least one day a week to recharge. You will need to do that so everything does not blend together. Does this sound like a good plan? Just do it!! Have a Wonderful Week and let me know your thoughts  Jim

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Do You Enjoy Your Life?

I am going to get back into blogging again and I was reading this one from the past and thought this is a good way to start! Enjoy and please leave me some comments.


Happy Sunday! I want to share a small post with you today about You. You were born to do great things in your life and do what you want to do. Most people just go thru the motions each day; they wake up to a clock and don’t eat properly before rushing out the door, then they set in some traffic to get to a job they really don’t like. They barely make it the eight or nine hours then go home and eat and then watch TV and then repeat. Their weekends are time for having a little fun, drinking a few drinks and maybe grilling out and then more TV. Then it is Monday! Does this seem about right? This is not what you were born to do! It starts with getting up. What you do every day is what makes the difference from living the life I…

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Let’s Get Healthy Now!

What a beautiful day it is in Delaware! I hope all of you have some sunshine in your day! I want to welcome the new faces to my page and let you know how glad I am you stopped by. My name is Jim and my mission here is to inspire you to do greater things with and in your life. I am an extreme optimist and every day is a good day. Just thinking like that will change your outlook on life. You have to always believe good things are going to happen and then be ready for them. It is that time of year when everyone is making their list their list of resolution’s and saying I am going to hit the gym 4 days a week and eat right and make more money and so and so on. That’s great, but resolutions don’t work for most people, a lot of people! It is a good idea but why is it we wait until January 1st!  Is it that we want to tear it up on News Year and eat all we can or is it just another excuse? When it comes to your health the time to do something is now, not tomorrow! You know, health can be real easy. You eat right with smaller portions and you exercise! Done! You do not have to deprive yourself of anything. I have lost sixty pounds in the last year and I still eat some chocolate every day. I eat two or three Hershey Kisses Just enough to take away any cravings. I spread them thru the day. My meals are much smaller and I am satisfied. I am eating fresher vegetables and less meat. OK, enough about me. You need to make the decision to just eat better and smarter and if exercise seems scary just go for a walk each day. This will get your mind going in the right direction. We know that all of this healthy stuff starts in your mind and in the kitchen. Make your mind know that you are serious, and going for a walk or run says to your mind you are doing it!  I am doing it and maybe I can help you in your journey. I am not a doctor or dietician but someone who has had trouble with weight and I think I finally found what works. You can make this happen!  You need to make this happen! Healthy body means healthy life! You need to enjoy the process to stick with it and there is a way, start now!!  We will get into goals and what you need to do to make them a reality tomorrow.   Have a Wonderful and Healthy Day!!

About what this day means to me

Today I would like to change it up a little with what this day means to me. When 911 happened I was on my way to work and I stopped by to get some gas and when I went in to pay they had a TV with on and the first plane had hit. I was in shock about it and called my wife to let her know. I was on my way to a job I had going that was a mile away from the Pentagon. I had the radio on and had just pulled a door off its hinges when I felt the ground shake and I heard a loud explosion. Then all of a sudden I heard fire engines and saw helicopters flying and then jets going thru the sky. Then on the radio they said what happened. I never put a door back together so fast and called my wife to say I’m coming home. There were police cars everywhere and roads were being blocked off and I kept running into delays. I was a little panicked and started driving a little crazy on back roads to get to my house which was about 25 miles away. I thought about my family all the way just wanting to see them and that they were ok. Phone service went out and I could not even call. I did get home about an hour later and felt so much better, but then I started watching TV. I took a couple days off work thinking that something else might happen. Well nothing else happened but the horror of watching what was happening in New York was bad. It was like a really bad dream that would not go away. We all made it thru with much prayer and things were getting back to normal. For some though who lost family and had to go thru that terrible time things will never be back to normal and every year on this date they are reminded about that terrible day. So today say a prayer for those who have lost loved ones and for our military who continue to fight for our freedom. We have so much to be thankful for and we should treat every day as a gift. Have a Wonderful Day!!

I Love the Facebook World

Happy Wednesday! I hope your day so far has been a good one! I would like to welcome the new people to my blog. My name is Jim and I am on a mission to help you to live a more balanced life with better health and to be able to do the things that good health brings you. You cannot really be a success if your health is not good. When you went on Facebook you probably did it as a way to be accountable for your healthy journey and to find out what other people are doing to be healthier. Then you found a wonderful support system where people are willing to share their healthy tips in eating and exercise. Then you had some drive going and then you started to make friends and talk on a regular basis and you felt connected and ready to make your health dreams a reality. Facebook has made it easy to have this great community of likeminded people all over the world whose goals are to live a better life. Well, there is more for you out there. Some of you have become coaches and your new mission is to really get to the core of health and help people become like you and to feel good about themselves and sometimes even make some money at it. I myself have learned so much since I have got on board and it has changed my life. I never wrote anything before going to Facebook and food was still a big mystery to me as far as what is good and bad. I have made so many friends and recently got to meet one in person and this would not been possible in any other venue. Being disabled does not stop me from being the best I can be and getting healthier is a big bonus. You can do anything that you set your mind to. You have unlimited power to be who you always wanted to be and all you have to do is believe it can happen. Start today to dream of that perfect life with abundant health and living a life of success. You can do this! You were born to be a success!! Just do it now!! Have a Wonderful and Healthy day!!

What do you want?

What do you want?
I want to share a small post with you today about you. You were born to do great things in your life and do what you want to do. Most people just go thru the motions each day; they wake up to a clock and don’t eat properly before rushing out the door, then they set in some traffic to get to a job they really don’t like. They barely make it the eight or nine hours then go home and eat and then watch TV and then repeat. Their weekends are time for having a little fun, drinking a few drinks and maybe grilling out and then more TV. Then it is Monday! Does this seem about right? This is not what you were born to do! It starts with getting up. What you do every day is what makes the difference from living the life I just described or living a life of your dreams. If your job is something that you don’t like doing then it is time for a change. You might then say” I can’t do anything else that will give me that kind of money”. You are wrong, you can get another job or start a small business and make even more. It will change when you change. You have to do things differently to make your life better. Maybe it’s time for going to school again and learning a new trade or maybe you have had an idea but you never acted on it and now you should.” Well, I don’t have enough time”. You would if you didn’t watch TV every night. You would if you got up a little earlier and went to bed at an earlier time. These are things you can do now to change your life from boring to fulfilling. You can do this! This is what successful people do. They are avid readers who sometimes read two or three books a week. They go to seminars and take the latest classes to stay on top of their game. They don’t watch much TV and they spend more quality time with their family. They take nice vacations to wonderful places and really enjoy the fruits of their labor. They are just like you! They have what they have because they made better choices, and most did not just inherit it. Try to not watch so much TV for a week or so and you will find you don’t really have to do it. I stopped watching so much TV and the shows I thought I could not live without are now just a memory. I get up each day at the same time and go to bed at the same time and I for sure get more done. Start thinking about the life you would love to live and write down actions steps you can take now to make your life better. It will not happen overnight but you can change your life for the better starting today. Go ahead and start working on the Life of your Dreams! There are 119 days left of this year. Are you where you thought you would be? Or are you right where you knew you would be? Make the choice and start today!! Have a Wonderful and Healthy Day!!

You Need To Have Patience

Happy Saturday! I hope you are having a great start to your weekend!! I want to welcome you to my blog. My name is Jim and I am really happy you stopped by. I have always considered myself a positive person and try to find the good in everything. I sometimes read about people who are struggling with their goals and they give up, probably when they were about to reach them. We live in a time of things moving way too fast and our brains have to try harder to keep up. We want things done yesterday and don’t like when negative things come up in our way. When it comes to health and losing weight this is a big problem. People look for fast fixes and want to find an easy diet plan that has all of the things they like to eat on it. You want that fast drop of weight thinking that will motivate you to keep at it and very soon you will be at your goal weight. Not happening! When you gained the weight you did it very slow and that is the only way it will come off. You can accelerate the process with some intense workouts or running or the combination of both. You should eat good healthy food, not the food that got you where you are and drink that water thru the day to help your body function better. That’s it! No diet, just exercise and eating right. And the other thing is Patience! Stay the course and be patient and soon you will be where you want to be. Seems too easy! Yes it is, but you must put the time and hard work to make it happen. I am on the same plan. I have been eating more food that is from the ground and less processed food. I am losing weight at a slow pace and know what I must do to keep at it. You can do this too! Write down your plan, write what foods you should not eat and stay away from them. Enjoy all of the good food you can eat and you will see progress. Start Today!! You are worth the effort!! Just do it!!! Have a Wonderful and Healthy Day!!!