Business Today

You know what I hate?  The way business is done over the phone! Every time you call any company to find out information you have to go through prompts and then some more prompts and then sometimes into a Queue. Then after that you wait while ads run for that company and then sometimes you hear,click. Not that long ago you could call a business and talk to a real person and they would put you through to the correct person. I am a very patient person, but I get so upset with the process these days.

When I start my business in the near future I will answer the phone myself and if I got to a point that I could not answer I would hire a person to talk for me. I believe people would just love to have someone actually answer the phone and get things done. The problem is companies just need to make that extra profit and they lose out on what people really want, a hello and then a “Have a Great Day”!

Next will be my problem with people driving 35 in a 50!!!@#$%%^

Have a Wonderful Day! Jim


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