Hello my friends!  Well I believe this is the first day of summer and so far it has been really hot outside, like August hot!  I love this time of year because I can get out and get so much done. My passion at this time is my yard. Living by the beach I could never get plants that I liked to grow in the sand. People have told me to do this and that to make it possible but I decided to go another route. I put down a few yards of mulch down in my front yard and I started all of my plants in pots.

My neighbors looked at me a little funny and they said thats nice. Well, now everyone is telling me how nice it looks with such a variety of colors. It is much easier to control and I save on water just watering the pots. Now that is the front yard. Now in the back yard I have my vegetables growing in pots. I have a variety of tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and herbs. I threw in a few flowers for more color. Working in the yard is my therapy. I sweat a lot and drink a lot of water and love it! It was in the high 90’s last week and humid and I was in heaven. I can’t get down to the ground because of my disability but the stretching does me good and I feel so much better afterwards and I sleep great at night. I will have my projects finished this week and I will post some pictures for all to see. Go out and enjoy the outdoors and have some fun! Do what makes you feel good! See you on the next post!   Jim


2 thoughts on “Summer

  1. All that we do in life is watering seeds and it is not until we have a successful harvest that those around us really appreciate all the work we did up until then. While watering is also when all those who do not have the vision to see what you have planted come by to know your pots over. Remember to be diligent and always water your seeds, also it does not hurt to water those on the neighbor’s porch either.

    Clifford T Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

    • Thank you! I started my seeds in the early spring in starter containers and they are very large now. I will send a picture this week on my blog! Have a wonderful week! Jim

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