Business Today

You know what I hate?  The way business is done over the phone! Every time you call any company to find out information you have to go through prompts and then some more prompts and then sometimes into a Queue. Then after that you wait while ads run for that company and then sometimes you hear,click. Not that long ago you could call a business and talk to a real person and they would put you through to the correct person. I am a very patient person, but I get so upset with the process these days.

When I start my business in the near future I will answer the phone myself and if I got to a point that I could not answer I would hire a person to talk for me. I believe people would just love to have someone actually answer the phone and get things done. The problem is companies just need to make that extra profit and they lose out on what people really want, a hello and then a “Have a Great Day”!

Next will be my problem with people driving 35 in a 50!!!@#$%%^

Have a Wonderful Day! Jim



Hello my friends!  Well I believe this is the first day of summer and so far it has been really hot outside, like August hot!  I love this time of year because I can get out and get so much done. My passion at this time is my yard. Living by the beach I could never get plants that I liked to grow in the sand. People have told me to do this and that to make it possible but I decided to go another route. I put down a few yards of mulch down in my front yard and I started all of my plants in pots.

My neighbors looked at me a little funny and they said thats nice. Well, now everyone is telling me how nice it looks with such a variety of colors. It is much easier to control and I save on water just watering the pots. Now that is the front yard. Now in the back yard I have my vegetables growing in pots. I have a variety of tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and herbs. I threw in a few flowers for more color. Working in the yard is my therapy. I sweat a lot and drink a lot of water and love it! It was in the high 90’s last week and humid and I was in heaven. I can’t get down to the ground because of my disability but the stretching does me good and I feel so much better afterwards and I sleep great at night. I will have my projects finished this week and I will post some pictures for all to see. Go out and enjoy the outdoors and have some fun! Do what makes you feel good! See you on the next post!   Jim

Rain Rain

Hello People! Today is just like yesterday and the day before, cloudy with rain. I know we need the rain and the farmers are happy and the dried up areas where water once flowed are getting back to normal, but for me I have had enough. I look outside and my plants like it and my flowers like it but I want to see the sun again. I hear in a couple days it will come back and the temperature will be much warmer, and I am good with that. My arthritis will be happier and my state of mind will be too.

So as I sit at my desk and stare out at the rain I can have some happy feelings knowing that the sun will come out soon and I will be out there with it having a great time!