A Typical Day On Mars

So I just got back from a ride on my Surface Rover and it really is a slow day. I found another lake and a few more mountains but all was quiet. There is not a lot to do here but I make the best of my time. Just saw some solar flares and another star shower and I sit back and dream about my time on the moon. It was much colder there but when it got dark you could not see your hand in front of your face. I’m now planning my trip to the really red side now and I will send you some exciting news from there. I sure miss my mom! Have a Wonderful Day Writing 101!!   Jim


Happy Sunday

What a beautiful day here in Delaware, with light breezes and blue sky’s over the ocean in Rehoboth Beach. I moved here 10 years ago when I turned fifty because I wanted to start my life over. I was tired of the hectic existence in the city and I just wanted to be near the ocean. With the crazy work I did, working too many hours and never feeling peace I just thought let’s pack up and go to the beach. I ended my business and sold at least half of my things and made the move. Best move ever! The last ten years have had ups and downs but life is so good now. I have less money now, but I always have enough. My wife is  a children’s book writer working on getting that first one down. I am a power seller on Ebay because I became disabled five years ago. I have constant pain, but I am very happy. I am a positive thinker and that is what my blog is about. You can make a choice, to be happy with your life or to be miserable. I like to help others with becoming that happy person that they are trying to find. It’s all in front of you, you just have to believe and you can achieve! Follow my blog and let me know your thoughts. Spring is here and I will be out in the yard in my garden. Have a Wonderful day!!  Jim