Happy Thursday People!

Hello my friends! I wanted to write one more blog about the Liebster award. When I was notified about the award I thought to myself, why would I get an award. First off, I have only written five or six blogs since taking a blogging course called Blogging 101. I am still trying to figure out how to use WordPress so I can’t be very deserving.

I will say I was happy to be nominated from a person who I believe has a very good blog. I was to nominate six blogs for receiving the same award and write out eleven questions for them to answer. Odd! I did need to answer eleven questions from the person that nominated me, I thought, okay I will do what is needed and go on. If you read my last two blogs you would see I was a little stressed about the procedure and the questions I was asking of the nominees. After sending out the questions I felt very bad subjecting anyone to even answer, and I apologize for asking them. Lucky for me, no one answered them and I am good with that.

I felt from the beginning like I should decline the award, but I thought that would be rude. I had a hard time just picking six blogs and then having to write those questions. So that is my story and I’m sticking to it! I like the blog of the one that offered me the award and I like all of the blogs that have even just peeked at mine.

So on Friday I will resume trying to write content to help people with their goals and their dreams of living a positive healthy life. I feel better already just writing this post and I hope I do not offend anyone. I want to earn my stripes, one blog at a time!  Love Jim


2 thoughts on “Happy Thursday People!

  1. Jim, I have answered the questions for you. I just haven’t had an opportunity to post them. I see this award as another tool to network. Obviously you made an impression on somebody for them to nominate you. Thanks again.

    • I know that and I hope people do not get mad at me for writing this post. One of the people I had nominated got a nomination from someone before me so they went with them. I just don’t want to offend anyone and keep following everyone that I have met. I did look up the award and it seems to be more of a deal than I thought. What to do?

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