Nominations For The Liepster Award

Hello People! Well I opened an email last night and found out that I had been nominated for a Liepster Award for my blog. First off, I was amazed that I even could be nominated for it and I felt a little fuzzy about it. Me, and award for my blog! I was nominated from Michelle at a wonderful page called called “a little bit of everything” and had instructions on what to do.

As she could now tell you I am not very good using my computer for the task I was supposed to do. I answered 11 questions she wrote for me to answer and I am supposed to nominate 6 blogs that I like and then write 11 questions for them to answer.

No problem naming the 6 blogs and they are as following:

1. American Writers Exposed


3. Send Sunshine

4. Muhammad Ashhar

5. kathrynsully

6. patchworkrainbows

So these are the pages that I nominate! I have been only a couple times to each page but I know these a

are very good pages with great content that I’m interested in. Now I have 11 questions that I wanted them

to answer. The problem I have is just like I can’t get my writing on the right spacing, I am not very good with

with computer skills. I believe I write what I want to say but as you can see, not very good. I know someone

will help me with this and until then I will hold back my questions. So I want to say to Michelle who

added me for this award a big thank you, and to the 6 I have named, congratulations on this honor.

You will now find me in the doghouse waiting for help! love Jim


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