Let’s Get Healthy Now!

What a beautiful day it is in Delaware! I hope all of you have some sunshine in your day! I want to welcome the new faces to my page and let you know how glad I am you stopped by. My name is Jim and my mission here is to inspire you to do greater things with and in your life. I am an extreme optimist and every day is a good day. Just thinking like that will change your outlook on life. You have to always believe good things are going to happen and then be ready for them. It is that time of year when everyone is making their list their list of resolution’s and saying I am going to hit the gym 4 days a week and eat right and make more money and so and so on. That’s great, but resolutions don’t work for most people, a lot of people! It is a good idea but why is it we wait until January 1st!  Is it that we want to tear it up on News Year and eat all we can or is it just another excuse? When it comes to your health the time to do something is now, not tomorrow! You know, health can be real easy. You eat right with smaller portions and you exercise! Done! You do not have to deprive yourself of anything. I have lost sixty pounds in the last year and I still eat some chocolate every day. I eat two or three Hershey Kisses Just enough to take away any cravings. I spread them thru the day. My meals are much smaller and I am satisfied. I am eating fresher vegetables and less meat. OK, enough about me. You need to make the decision to just eat better and smarter and if exercise seems scary just go for a walk each day. This will get your mind going in the right direction. We know that all of this healthy stuff starts in your mind and in the kitchen. Make your mind know that you are serious, and going for a walk or run says to your mind you are doing it!  I am doing it and maybe I can help you in your journey. I am not a doctor or dietician but someone who has had trouble with weight and I think I finally found what works. You can make this happen!  You need to make this happen! Healthy body means healthy life! You need to enjoy the process to stick with it and there is a way, start now!!  We will get into goals and what you need to do to make them a reality tomorrow.   Have a Wonderful and Healthy Day!!