About what this day means to me

Today I would like to change it up a little with what this day means to me. When 911 happened I was on my way to work and I stopped by to get some gas and when I went in to pay they had a TV with on and the first plane had hit. I was in shock about it and called my wife to let her know. I was on my way to a job I had going that was a mile away from the Pentagon. I had the radio on and had just pulled a door off its hinges when I felt the ground shake and I heard a loud explosion. Then all of a sudden I heard fire engines and saw helicopters flying and then jets going thru the sky. Then on the radio they said what happened. I never put a door back together so fast and called my wife to say I’m coming home. There were police cars everywhere and roads were being blocked off and I kept running into delays. I was a little panicked and started driving a little crazy on back roads to get to my house which was about 25 miles away. I thought about my family all the way just wanting to see them and that they were ok. Phone service went out and I could not even call. I did get home about an hour later and felt so much better, but then I started watching TV. I took a couple days off work thinking that something else might happen. Well nothing else happened but the horror of watching what was happening in New York was bad. It was like a really bad dream that would not go away. We all made it thru with much prayer and things were getting back to normal. For some though who lost family and had to go thru that terrible time things will never be back to normal and every year on this date they are reminded about that terrible day. So today say a prayer for those who have lost loved ones and for our military who continue to fight for our freedom. We have so much to be thankful for and we should treat every day as a gift. Have a Wonderful Day!!


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