I Love the Facebook World

Happy Wednesday! I hope your day so far has been a good one! I would like to welcome the new people to my blog. My name is Jim and I am on a mission to help you to live a more balanced life with better health and to be able to do the things that good health brings you. You cannot really be a success if your health is not good. When you went on Facebook you probably did it as a way to be accountable for your healthy journey and to find out what other people are doing to be healthier. Then you found a wonderful support system where people are willing to share their healthy tips in eating and exercise. Then you had some drive going and then you started to make friends and talk on a regular basis and you felt connected and ready to make your health dreams a reality. Facebook has made it easy to have this great community of likeminded people all over the world whose goals are to live a better life. Well, there is more for you out there. Some of you have become coaches and your new mission is to really get to the core of health and help people become like you and to feel good about themselves and sometimes even make some money at it. I myself have learned so much since I have got on board and it has changed my life. I never wrote anything before going to Facebook and food was still a big mystery to me as far as what is good and bad. I have made so many friends and recently got to meet one in person and this would not been possible in any other venue. Being disabled does not stop me from being the best I can be and getting healthier is a big bonus. You can do anything that you set your mind to. You have unlimited power to be who you always wanted to be and all you have to do is believe it can happen. Start today to dream of that perfect life with abundant health and living a life of success. You can do this! You were born to be a success!! Just do it now!! Have a Wonderful and Healthy day!!


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