What do you want?

What do you want?
I want to share a small post with you today about you. You were born to do great things in your life and do what you want to do. Most people just go thru the motions each day; they wake up to a clock and don’t eat properly before rushing out the door, then they set in some traffic to get to a job they really don’t like. They barely make it the eight or nine hours then go home and eat and then watch TV and then repeat. Their weekends are time for having a little fun, drinking a few drinks and maybe grilling out and then more TV. Then it is Monday! Does this seem about right? This is not what you were born to do! It starts with getting up. What you do every day is what makes the difference from living the life I just described or living a life of your dreams. If your job is something that you don’t like doing then it is time for a change. You might then say” I can’t do anything else that will give me that kind of money”. You are wrong, you can get another job or start a small business and make even more. It will change when you change. You have to do things differently to make your life better. Maybe it’s time for going to school again and learning a new trade or maybe you have had an idea but you never acted on it and now you should.” Well, I don’t have enough time”. You would if you didn’t watch TV every night. You would if you got up a little earlier and went to bed at an earlier time. These are things you can do now to change your life from boring to fulfilling. You can do this! This is what successful people do. They are avid readers who sometimes read two or three books a week. They go to seminars and take the latest classes to stay on top of their game. They don’t watch much TV and they spend more quality time with their family. They take nice vacations to wonderful places and really enjoy the fruits of their labor. They are just like you! They have what they have because they made better choices, and most did not just inherit it. Try to not watch so much TV for a week or so and you will find you don’t really have to do it. I stopped watching so much TV and the shows I thought I could not live without are now just a memory. I get up each day at the same time and go to bed at the same time and I for sure get more done. Start thinking about the life you would love to live and write down actions steps you can take now to make your life better. It will not happen overnight but you can change your life for the better starting today. Go ahead and start working on the Life of your Dreams! There are 119 days left of this year. Are you where you thought you would be? Or are you right where you knew you would be? Make the choice and start today!! Have a Wonderful and Healthy Day!!


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