Do You Like The Weekend?

Hello and Happy Friday!   Well the weekend is here and for some that means doing  fun things and maybe a cookout and getting together with friends.  But to people who are trying to lose some weight it can be the most challenging days of the week. During the week you have structure and staying on track is easier. On the weekend you lose that structure and you might be making food for the family and friends and you go off course and eat some things that on Monday you will regret.  This is a common cycle and it sabotages many a fitness plan. What you need to do is plan out your weekends and how and what you eat and keep your exercise program just like during the week. This can be difficult but you can do it!  So from now on make plans for your weekend meals and stick to them and don’t let that weekend devil set you back. You can do this!  You are worth it!   You were born to succeed!     Have a Great and Healthy Weekend!!


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