Steps to getting your goals in order

Happy Wednesday! To many people this is known as Hump Day. To many people this is just another day in a week. Yesterday I wrote about what most people dream about when they are wishing their life would be different. I said you should as an action step write down what you really want is life and get a clear picture of what you will need to do. For some your list was long with many things you either want and things you would like to do. Each day this week and next I am going to tell you how to divide them up into different groups so you can cover your top five goals in each area. Those areas would be personal goals, family and your relationship goals, financial goals, career and business goals and your health and lifestyle goals. It is important to have goals in all of these areas for a balanced life. You would not want to be a real success in your financial life but not be able to enjoy it because your health is poor. You want balance so you can be whole and are a role model for your family and friends, not in a glaring way but in a positive way. If you have not written down your dreams and goals and put them into their place as far as the five areas, then today do so and after you have these list together pick the top five in each area and that is what you will work on. This can be fun and an awakening for your life. If you just think from time to time about something you would love to do or have and then do nothing about it you are setting yourself for failure with whatever it was. That would be a shame because you can do so much in your, life but if you don’t have clear goals with steps to make them happen and a deadline it stays as only a wish. Make that list down in a joirnal and divide them into the five groups with your top five in each one and you will be on the way to changing your life. Tomorrow we will start with family and relationship goals. Have a Wonderful and Healthy Day!!


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