You can have it if you want it

Happy Tuesday! What a beautiful day it is! The end of July is being kind to us. Do you ever daydream about things you want to do or places you want to go? Do you dream about a perfect life where you are super fit and live in a very nice house with money in the bank? And then do see other people who seem to have it all and you feel a little envious? You think they really have it good and they always seem so happy and they are so healthy and fit and do fun things. They must have inherited some money and they live with a silver spoon. Well, they probably did not inherit money, they probably work hard and save their money and they exercise every day to stay fit. They go on nice trips because they plan for it and save their money to make it a great one. You can have everything they have if you start setting some goals to make it happen. You might say I don’t make enough money for that kind of lifestyle and I can’t even loose ten pounds. With a negative attitude you won’t go very far. Things will not happen overnight and you might not get the biggest house but you can change your thinking and get yourself going on the right path. Write down what your perfect life would be. Now you need to just start planning on the steps to get going with a deadline. This will change from time to time but you can always adjust your plans. So today just write down what you want on paper and just think about it. That will be your action step for today. We will talk more tomorrow about what’s next. Have a Wonderful and Health Day!!!


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