It’s all in your Head

Happy Thursday! I hope all of you are getting part of this cool down in the weather. It is so nice right now and a break sure was needed. Let’s talk about you! If you are one of the many people on a health page you are doing things to improve your life. You work hard at it every day and you are seeing results and that motivates you to go farther. Seeing results keeps you motivated but your mind is what keeps you going. It all happens inside your head. You are making better choices and you study about the next new exercise program coming out and if it is good for you. To a person who does not need to do much to stay healthy life is good. But for the ones that have to lose some weight and make a hard effort each and every day you might struggle with what your body tells you. It is saying, I really need some food or that small piece of cake sure would hit the spot right now and I will work out more to burn it off. It is not your body telling you, it’s your mind. You have to work at changing the way you think about bad choices and tell yourself you can get past that temptation and get that going in your head and beat it. It will be hard at first but after you take control of your thinking a few times it will start to get easier. You can train your mind with exercise. Not physical exercise but small mental exercise. Thing of some things you keep putting off and decide now you will do it, even if you don’t feel like it. It will give you a good feeling when that is done and then do something else and the feeling will get stronger. It is the same thing with food. You need to take small steps and have success and then build on it. Try this out and you will feel better about yourself and it will motivate you to do more. Be Positive! Take Action Now!! Have a Wonderful and Healthy Day!!


One thought on “It’s all in your Head

  1. Hi there! First I wanted to say thanks for the uplifting posts on FB. We all need some positive thoughts in our life. Me too, I am new to wordpress and trying to send out the message to people about how important is to eat healthy. As I consider myself healthy in general, yet trying to organize my life a little bit, fight those temptations of our modern world, and take the most out of it for myself. For me this means being able to actually enjoy life and spend the most time as possible with my loved ones. It is hard work and it takes a lot of determination, but hey, at the end of the day you are a captain of your own boat, so steer it right! And like you said is all in your head, you can get it if you really want it. And guess what…people fly to the moon, so nothing is impossible!!! Good luck with your blog. Have a nice weekend!

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