Steps to getting your goals in order

Happy Wednesday! To many people this is known as Hump Day. To many people this is just another day in a week. Yesterday I wrote about what most people dream about when they are wishing their life would be different. I said you should as an action step write down what you really want is life and get a clear picture of what you will need to do. For some your list was long with many things you either want and things you would like to do. Each day this week and next I am going to tell you how to divide them up into different groups so you can cover your top five goals in each area. Those areas would be personal goals, family and your relationship goals, financial goals, career and business goals and your health and lifestyle goals. It is important to have goals in all of these areas for a balanced life. You would not want to be a real success in your financial life but not be able to enjoy it because your health is poor. You want balance so you can be whole and are a role model for your family and friends, not in a glaring way but in a positive way. If you have not written down your dreams and goals and put them into their place as far as the five areas, then today do so and after you have these list together pick the top five in each area and that is what you will work on. This can be fun and an awakening for your life. If you just think from time to time about something you would love to do or have and then do nothing about it you are setting yourself for failure with whatever it was. That would be a shame because you can do so much in your, life but if you don’t have clear goals with steps to make them happen and a deadline it stays as only a wish. Make that list down in a joirnal and divide them into the five groups with your top five in each one and you will be on the way to changing your life. Tomorrow we will start with family and relationship goals. Have a Wonderful and Healthy Day!!


You can have it if you want it

Happy Tuesday! What a beautiful day it is! The end of July is being kind to us. Do you ever daydream about things you want to do or places you want to go? Do you dream about a perfect life where you are super fit and live in a very nice house with money in the bank? And then do see other people who seem to have it all and you feel a little envious? You think they really have it good and they always seem so happy and they are so healthy and fit and do fun things. They must have inherited some money and they live with a silver spoon. Well, they probably did not inherit money, they probably work hard and save their money and they exercise every day to stay fit. They go on nice trips because they plan for it and save their money to make it a great one. You can have everything they have if you start setting some goals to make it happen. You might say I don’t make enough money for that kind of lifestyle and I can’t even loose ten pounds. With a negative attitude you won’t go very far. Things will not happen overnight and you might not get the biggest house but you can change your thinking and get yourself going on the right path. Write down what your perfect life would be. Now you need to just start planning on the steps to get going with a deadline. This will change from time to time but you can always adjust your plans. So today just write down what you want on paper and just think about it. That will be your action step for today. We will talk more tomorrow about what’s next. Have a Wonderful and Health Day!!!

It’s all in your Head

Happy Thursday! I hope all of you are getting part of this cool down in the weather. It is so nice right now and a break sure was needed. Let’s talk about you! If you are one of the many people on a health page you are doing things to improve your life. You work hard at it every day and you are seeing results and that motivates you to go farther. Seeing results keeps you motivated but your mind is what keeps you going. It all happens inside your head. You are making better choices and you study about the next new exercise program coming out and if it is good for you. To a person who does not need to do much to stay healthy life is good. But for the ones that have to lose some weight and make a hard effort each and every day you might struggle with what your body tells you. It is saying, I really need some food or that small piece of cake sure would hit the spot right now and I will work out more to burn it off. It is not your body telling you, it’s your mind. You have to work at changing the way you think about bad choices and tell yourself you can get past that temptation and get that going in your head and beat it. It will be hard at first but after you take control of your thinking a few times it will start to get easier. You can train your mind with exercise. Not physical exercise but small mental exercise. Thing of some things you keep putting off and decide now you will do it, even if you don’t feel like it. It will give you a good feeling when that is done and then do something else and the feeling will get stronger. It is the same thing with food. You need to take small steps and have success and then build on it. Try this out and you will feel better about yourself and it will motivate you to do more. Be Positive! Take Action Now!! Have a Wonderful and Healthy Day!!

Let’s get going on those goals!!

Happy Wednesday! It is the day of the hump, are you working on your goals today? I want to give a warm welcome to the new people to my page and let you know that I am glad you are here. My name is Jim and I will be providing you with inspiration to have success in your life in health and just living a better life. I hope to motivate you to set goals in your life and to start living the best life possible. It can be an easy ride if you follow a set plan and work hard to reach the life you have only dreamed about. A lot of people on Facebook have gotten to great heights by having a goal and sticking to a plan to make it happen and you can do this too. It all starts in your mind. You have thoughts of how you would want to live or how you would like to look and you wish you could do what others have done. With written goals you can accomplish all of your dreams in all areas of your life and be the person you want to be. I believe this all starts with a journal or a notebook. You write down all of the things you want and what you want to do and don’t be shy, write everything you can dream of. This could be in weight loss or being a runner or living in a big house and driving a new car. It can be a new job or starting your own business or just about anything that would make your life a dream life. Out of this list you pull out your top three and for now just concentrate on them. For example let’s say you want to lose a certain amount of weight. You write down how much weight you want to lose and set a deadline for that goal. Then you need to do something on that first day that will get you started. Maybe it could be cutting that late night snack or not eating any fast food that day. Anything to get your mind to know you are serious. Do this small step for a few days and then add something else like taking a short walk and then doing that every day. Start off easy you will be more likely to stay with it. Each day write down what you did and this will add fire under you that you are doing it. Try this today and let’s chat some more tomorrow. Get going and set up a journal! Do it right now! Write down those dreams!! Have a Wonderful Day!!