Too much News

The other day I was talking about how bad the news is about doom and gloom and maybe people should not get so wrapped up in it.  When I was growing up there were bad things going on in the world but you only had a few channels to see about it and the news only came on at 6 and 9. Today it is 24 hours a day and some people can’t get enough. I have stopped watching the news except at the top of the hour to find out what is going on. I do not need to see how they spin everything into as many different scenarios as possible and listen to everyone’s opinion. As a matter of fact I have stopped watching a lot of shows that I was addicted to and really enjoy my free time. I hear some say that they do not have enough time in the day and at the same time they watch two or three hours of TV. If you want to get ahead in your life and live out your dreams then let go of the news and other shows. Try limiting your self to one hour a day and before long you will find that you don’t really miss those shows like you thought. Start doing things like reading and spending more quality time with the family, call some relatives that you have not seen or talked to in awhile. Maybe start planning a side business so you you have some extra money to  take some great long weekend trips.Turn your life around for the better. Stop turning on the TV so much. Have a Great Day!!